Our FAQ/Events page is a helpful tool for tourists to San Francisco. Tips on restaurants, weather & geography that a first-time visitor might not be aware of. 

FAQ & event Info

Q: How big are the groups?
A: The maximum size is twelve.

The Secret Spot: we will stop here!

Q: Are wine-tasting fees included in the price?
A:Yes, wine-tasting fees are ALWAYS included in the tour price of the Great Wine Country Tour!

Q:  Is lunch included in the price of the tour?
A: Lunch is not included, but there are plenty of restaurants on the Sonoma Square where you'll find lunch for $15-20. (email us for a list of some of our favorite Sonoma restaurants)

Q: Do you do hotel pick-ups?
A: We pick-up at most downtown San Francisco hotels. We do not, however, pick-up at all hotels outside the Downtown/Union Square/Wharf areas or outside the city. For those staying outside the city (e.g., near the airport or in any of SF's neighboring cities), public transportation that will take you into San Francisco is usually nearby!

Q: Do you pick up at AirBnB locations?
A: We pick up at some AirBnB locations. Email us the address of your unit and we'll let you know! (Some AirBnBs are located in remote parts of town. If you're considering AirBnB for lodging, feel free to contact us anytime for location advice)

Q: What time is my pick-up?
A: Pick-up times are between 8:10 - 9:00am. The day before your tour, you will receive an email from us with your specific pick-up time.

Q: Can we be dropped off in a location other than where we were picked up?
A: Of course! You can be dropped off at most Fisherman's Wharf or Union Square areas! Also, you're welcome to be dropped off in Sausalito on the return. The ferry leaves Sausalito for San Francisco fairly frequently and costs about $11-13! For ferry info, click here!

Q: Are food or beverages allowed on the vehicle?
A: Yes, indeed .. it's a wine tour! We're a fully licensed tour operator so feel free to bring breakfast food or beverages (coffee/tea) along for the 1-hour ride to Wine Country and open a bottle of your latest purchase on the ride home.


FREE Weekly events in & around San Francisco:

Crissy Field - Brenda at the beach! 

Alcatraz Tickets

Having trouble getting Alcatraz tickets? Here are a couple of last-minute options for getting tickets:

Courtney & Chad visit the Wave Organ with Alcatraz in the distance

  • Same-day tickets available daily. Click HERE for more info
  • Refresh the page! The Alcatraz tickets page often shows no availability on the WEBSITE CALENDAR. But, it's not unusual for people to cancel. When they do, those tickets immediately become available on the website. So, be patient and refresh the ticket page until something is available
  • Returning from the Wine Country one day, I shared this tip with someone on my tour and within ten minutes she had Alcatraz tickets! It may take more than ten min, but give it a try! It's worth it!

CANCELLATION POLICY: 24 Hours (cancellations within 24 hours of tour departure are non-refundable)