Winery Criteria

Which Wineries & Why

Actually, we don't reveal WHICH wineries we'll be visiting, because their story is part of the tour! But, we're happy to share the criteria we use when choosing the wineries we believe you'll just love! 


Over the years, we've done our best to harvest feedback on the wines, so we have a really good idea of which wines our visitors have liked. If a winery yields too much negative feedback, it's simple - we stop visiting that winery. It's nothing personal... a winery might meet three of our four criteria, but it always begins and ends with the quality/likeability of the wine. If the wines aren't likable, we don't go there. 


Ever been to a winery that offers five tastes for $20 (price of a bottle), and then just as you're getting started, the tasting is over? The wineries we visit not only provide legitimate pours (up to 1/3 glass), but they pour several wines. I've had occasions where my groups have tasted 13 wines ... at one winery! In order to allow our visitors time to do a proper tasting AND explore the winery itself (a full hour at each winery), we limit our tastings to three per tour - it's a pace that works. But, because of the wineries we've chosen, you'll feel like you've experienced five or six tastings. Seriously.  


We've found that some people enjoy big beautiful wineries, while others prefer quaint boutique wineries with intimate indoor settings, and others still prefer a beautiful outdoor setting!  We do our best to cover all the bases by visiting one big beautiful winery, one boutique winery and one winery with beautiful sweeping grounds. It's a time-tested approach that works - we promise you'll be satisfied!  


 We like friendly people, so we visit wineries that employ friendly staff. Whether you've just started to drink/appreciate wine and are perhaps just scratching the surface (a newbie!), or you've been drinking wine since before you could walk (a connoisseur!), you'll be treated the same by the knowledgeable and friendly staff at the wineries we visit. We know them like family and this we promise you! 

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